About Us

philabaca is a brandname of farawayship.com Limited, London, UK.

philabaca was established to promote use of natural fibre products, as opposed to environmentally unfriendly materials like synthetic fibres and polyethylene (plastic), leveraging on the natural abaca fibre strength, flexibility and re-usability, yet still being fully bio-degradable.

whilst farawayship.com Limited is in London, UK, philabaca is permanently onsite in Philippines, regularly visiting the abaca plantations and handcrafting teams preparing, producing, packaging and shipping your items to you.

Philippines "tricycle" communiting

the packaging material is fully natural and environmental friendly, only wood pulp and abaca for wrapping, packaging and sealing of your shipment -no tape, no plastic!

you are always welcome to contact us:

support@philabaca.com or support@farawayship.com

Facebook: philabaca.com